Thursday, December 18, 2008

I'm suspect- X

I've answered a l0t of tags this month. H0pefully, there's n0 more tag till the end 0f 2008.

Yesterday, i g0t my new i/c. So, i d0n't need t0 bring my temporary i/c anymore which is triple biggger than the original one. And uglier too.. (opps, did i insulted JPN? erk, i didn't meant to.

Just now, i w0ndered why i'm writing this. And i d0n't even know if there's somebody wh0 will read this stupid bl0g. and at last i realize that i knew n0thing. Sometimes, i kept asking myself why all these ordeals came t0 me? n0t others. why i've to face it? i feel like i deserve better than these. Astagfirullahal-a'zim.. what i'm talking about! F0rgive me, ya ALLAH 4 the stupid thoughts. And i know, these're only tests. Tests to make me be more grateful, perhaps. Everythings 's belong to HIS, absolutely. And the best remedy 's patience. and DOA, for sure.

The SMU result will be ann0unced s0on. T0day's 18th Dec already. I'm scared. really. Yeah,, i knew, i have to get ready to face all this. they're all my fault. and i've t0 resp0nsible for everything i did. Nevermind though.

Last week s0meone t0ld me that i'm such a liar. Well, t0 the intended pers0n, thanks again 4 being h0nest. I'm really appreaciate it. It hurts me a lot but i think there's no use t0 be sad b0ut it. What i've t0 do is try t0 be the better atikah, for sure. *sigh*

And Yine once said to me.

" You must know what u want in ur life. d0 not follow others or u will regret s0on"

Did i? Yeah.. i think, it's true. And i fell so damn ashamed. Ashamed t0 my mom. Ashamed to my friends. Ashamed to myself. Well, actually, i still do not know what're the things that i'm trying to find in my life. What're the part that i'm really good at? what are my p0ntentials? zilli0ns 0f questi0n cr0ssed my mind. but, n0thing of them have their answers How pathetic! uh! W0ndered, when will i know that? My pals keep saying

" D0n't w0rry tik,, u'll finally treasure what u're g00d at. Everyone has it. Just wait n see! "

OK then, let's h0pe..

Erm, I've a few h0meworks f0r this h0liday. A few? I mean, l0ads of. haha. My chemistry teacher asked me t0 finish a wh0le exercise bo0k. And i've d0ne n0thing..L0ser me! haha. N0t to mention, PQS and PSI. To be h0nest, i didn't even t0uch that b0oks. OMG! I know and i know i'll suffer in form 5 if i do not start studying right now. Just now, i realized that there' re a l0t of things that i didn't understand. *yearn a tutor* especially in +math n bi0l0gy! I'm just dreaming and playing when teachers taught us in class. and now, it's the result. How pathetic!

Talking about holiday. I've d0ne a l0t of stuffs. n0vels- PS2- on9. Anyway, thanks to Yine, Aisyah and Adnin for lending me n0vels. from sk, surely. i l0ve them very much. lalala. i also did watched a few drammas. taiwanese n korean drammas, for sure. woo.. awesome..

OMG, it's pretty long! ok, till then. Havaw0nderfulday

p/s: "purse" hunting! hee.. (last time i saw one, but the price is ... 0MG!)
r u generous? buy 4 me then=p


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