Sunday, December 7, 2008

I've fallen in LO*E

today's 7th DEC
means: my special day.. hee

thank f0r the wish, my dear friends!!
last night, i can't help myself fr0m crying
i really miss u, daddy..our m0ment^_^
i want u singing happy birthday s0ng t0 me,,
as u did last year, daddy

but it's 0bviously imp0ssible.. nvm

9.00 am: switch on this lapt0p and
watched a taiwanese drama.. w0wo
i like this st0ry.. i rate it 5 star~!! lalala
and the big thing is: t0day,, i have fallen in lo*e..
n wh0's that lucky guy?
well,, i think, it's better f0r me to keep it as a secret f0r a while =p..
OMG, he's really cute.. and guess what?
he's very r0mantic too.. waaa.. =))
0k,, maybe i can give u a hint
he's taiwanese.. lalala
s0 starting fr0m this,
w0n bin and i are 0fficially break up.. get it? hahaha


wu chun~


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