Friday, June 4, 2010


1st post of June and I wonder what should I write.

Lets talk about recent news; Gaza. Gaza issue's not a new issue actually but it's been ages and yet, this issue still remains the same; not yet to be solved. People keep blogging about this recently especially after the Israel's attack of Gaza Aid Convoy. Not to mention, there 're demonstration all over the world about this.

Here's a picture I've copied from NST.

MOUNTING ANGER... About 3,000 demonstrators belonging to Indonesia's Islam-based Prosperous and Justice Party carry flags and wave placards reading "Israel the real terrorists" and "save our Palestine" march in Jakarta today to condemn Israel's deadly raid on a Gaza-bound aid flotilla in which nine activists were killed and scores wounded. International pressure mounted on Israel to conduct independent inquiry into the bloody raid when Israeli commandos clashed with international activists as they attempted to turn back the aid flotilla in line with Israel's blockade of the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Photo by AFP.

The question is, where is the "humanity"? I know, this question will remain as an unsolved conundrum as ever. Thousand of innocent civilians 're killed and they became victims of the atrocious, barbarous and merciless Israeli acts. I'm very thankful to be a Malaysian and live here; in harmonious environment (ignore some racial and political matters)

Hopefully, Rachel Corrie will be able to complete its passage unimpeded and discharge its humanitarian cargo in Gaza. (RC 's expected to reach there this late evening or Saturday's morning)

Doa seorang saudara terhadap saudaranya di luar pengetahuan (saudara tersebut) adalah doa yang diperkenankan, di sisinya seorang malaikat yang diwakilkan. Setiap kali beliau mendoakan kebaikan untuk saudaranya malaikat yang diwakilkan itu akan berkata: “Amin dan bagimu juga seperti itu”.
(Hadith riwayat muslim daripada Abu Darda’)

Lets pray and solat hajat hajat for them. And not to forget; Qunut nazilah as well.

Till then :)


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