Thursday, September 25, 2008


i've been tagged by Miss nurEEn sed0W


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here they're

7 facts about the m0st remarkable vip? hehe

  • i'm a girl.. every0ne kn0ws right??ahakz.. t0 be h0nest,, i'm a shy girl. blushes 0f shyness always crept up my l0vely face.. s0metimes, i'll act crazily t0 c0ver it.. s0 lame , right? w0rkshy?? a bit..

  • i'm a fierce pers0n n scary t0o.. believe it 0r n0t???just ask the victims!! tp garang2 btmpat rr!!especially buaya aka p14yb0y..i can't c0mpletely stand with 'em.. to+ally menyampah.. tp caring ug0p bena.. ermm,, suker p0yo2 neyhs..blame yine +miss ek, sbb di0rg yg ajar!

  • sensi+ive! n0 matter,, i'll never let pe0ple see me crying.. except, t.e.r.d.e.s.a.k

  • against t0 3 w0rds: matured (aka tua), pimples, stupid! d0n't y0u dare say that t0 me!

  • luv milk.. especially dutchlady milk.. w0wo.. f0r sure, it d0esn't c0intain melamine!! y0gurt ustzh amat la bez.. Mcflurry+ ch0c chic eskem are my fav0urite.. yummy.. salad+ th0usand island pn bez!! n much m0re!

  • i'm n0t a shopah0lic. huu,, i love shopping but i'm still practising my sh0pping law! hoh0.. (beli bila perlu!) yeah,, b'belanjalah dgn bijak! haks

  • c0mplicated!!l0ve r0mantic scene,, haks.. but jiwang+em0 really scares me~

  • thats all the 7 facts b0ut me.. 7? nice number right?? hee..

    my next victims are:~

    1. bud0p tue.
    2. itu bud0p
    3. bud0p itulaa
    4. itulaa budop
    5. ini budop
    6. budop ini
    7. inilaa budop


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