Thursday, September 11, 2008


h0ho,, t0day, i came t0 sch0ol as usual,, a bit late seyh..
7.50 am,, hehe,, entered my l0vely class, i can't see any0ne..
"msti th0bur niess" i whispered t0 myself..
t0gether with syatun n hazirah,, we walked t0 medan th0bur..
h0ho.. then, saw 0ur hands0me PK Malek standing there.. he gave us sort 0f advices.. and 0f c0urse as h0t as chillies.. w0o0o.. PEDASS! just a sh0rt th0bur..

8.30 am, came back t0 class.. i can't see any Calculat0rS. g0sh, they played truant again! (npe xoyt, nk join skali,, hehe)
but, i didn't regret ab0ut .. as i learnt many thingS t0day!!
the best subjects t0day are math n physics! abs0lutely! ho0~

anyway,, y0u all kinda made a tr0ubles0me t0 me..
as i have t0 write all 0f ur name in attendance b0ok.. (abes dkwat pen, w0o)
frankly, i d0n't mind it at all.. kidding~

thus, there're s0me vital news that i need t0 tell y0u all.. here they are..
g0t b0th BM paper t0day,, s0 guys,, nk mrkh d0p? text me k.
this m0nday,, we have t0 go t0 putik.. g0t t0 attend a m0tivati0n fr0m DR. Shukri Abdullah. fr0m 8.00 am - 5.00 pm. every0ne must g0- c0mpuls0ry~ bring kain smbhyg n other things that u need. but, d0n't bring f0od k! isk3
please bring kain smbhyg everyday! f0r s0lah jamaah.. we'll perf0rm Z0hor prayer in mus0lla mumtaz: it'll start this m0nday.. f0r sunday still in Msjid aspuri..
this sunday, there will be kinda a talk 0n guidelines t0 further study t0 MIddle East, interviews and s0mething. 2.00pm- 4.00 pm..
Eid h0lidays start fr0m 25th Sept.
byr buku bi0 ek! Miss Ida started t0 ask n ask me b0ut that. Muth0laah t0o..

thats all,, i supp0se.. actually, i write these as i d0n't want t0 text y0u all( abes kdt ler,, jimat2). this is the best n preventive way, i supp0se.. haha

my bel0ved nephew's h0me!! miiRull..


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