Sunday, September 14, 2008

A bLurRY DAy?

FYI, this p0st has been drafted f0r 3 days..

hye there,,erm,, t0day's really a great ordeal t0 me..
after sahur,, i prepared myself t0 sch0ol..w0re that yell0w unif0rm,,
6.50 am,, i was ab0ut t0 go t0 sch0ol.. where's my spec? g0sh,, s0ught f0r it everywhere.. fr0m the c0mm0n to the unsupp0sed place..
Dammit,, i can't find it.. s0, i set out t0 sch0ol..
and 0f c0urse with0ut it; the m0st valuable thing, i supp0se..
my face with0ut spec? huu,, a flaw c0mplexi0n,, f0r sure..

entered the sch0ol,, i can't see pe0ple clearly ..
everything is just blurnerd.. our first less0n was Muthalaah..
Ustz wr0te s0mething 0n whiteboard.. i th0ught, being in fr0nt of the class gives a l0t of pr0s. but t0day.. it's really ***
(d0n't need t0 write it, right?)
i hardly tried t0 squint 0ver it.. but definitely, it was fruitless..

every0ne started t0 ask me ab0ut my spec..
"tik, where is ur spec??" g0sh,, i hardly t0ld them that it was missingconfused..
g0t al-quran n nahu paper t0day!
when ustzh yelled my name,, i st0od up n t0ok the paper! g0sh i g0t #? i felt dizzy.. it was me, wasn't? i wanna cry.. i felt a sudden pang, deep inside. then, "atikah,, y0u'd taken s0me0ne paper" I screwed up my courage n quickly glanced n squint at the name.. g0d, it wasn't me!! huh,, such a *** m0ment..
(d0n't kn0w what w0rd sh0uld be put there,, haha)
h0wever,, i still didn't get high mark!

1.25pm, went 2 ubkk r0om t0 perf0rm s0lah jamaah, t0gether with adnin n munirah.. after then, headed t0 Parkway.. acc0mpany my friend. i didn't buy anything! JIMATT~!! huu

2.05 pm,, the event started.. there's 10 0f our seni0rs, i supp0se.. (n0 need t0 menti0n their name right?) they're med students fr0m j0rdan n m0stly fr0m mesir.. namely Cair0 uni, Al-Mansurah n Uni..
g0t s0mething beneficial t0day;indeed
b0ut sc0larship, uni life n much m0re..
f0r instance,mara n jpa didn't sp0ns0r students t0 al-azhar..
why? IDK (please d0n't ask me k)..huu
al-azhar als0 d0esn't have MOU..
s0,, it'll make a tr0ubles0me t0 pe0ple wh0 cann0t grasp arabic language..
but,, we can learn n learn.. yeah~!!
examinati0n system at JUST: using MCQ.. w0wo.. i luv MCQ..
every0ne l0ves it, th0ugh..haha..
i d0n't want t0 write all here.. as it may take time!

ok,till then,, wassalam~!!


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