Sunday, August 31, 2008

da story 0f yesterday

fes 0f all,, i g0nna make a l0t of language p0lluti0n,,
s0 beware!! ahaks

12.30 pm
we made threes0me n went 4 an outing..
me? as usual,, simple+ayu (haha!)
with green punjabi+scarf+sandal+ black bag..
we headed t0 kb with my sis's car.. g0sh,, there's a massive traffic jammed there.. n we're stucked 2 park our car; alm0st an h0ur t0 find 0ne..

then, walked t0 h2 sh0p.. b0ught a pair 0f sh0es.. white in c0l0ur..
quite simple but i luv it..
rm 49.90.. [[+yine, this time, with0ut heels k+]]
1.45 pm,,lunch time..
kept w0ndering wer sh0uld we eat..
kfc? full.. n at last,, we headed t0 McD. ordered a few meals..
me? sundae, McDeluxe Meal n i als0 ate my sis's chic p0rridge.. haha~
totally full ..

2.20 pm..
said g0odbye t0 my sis.. buh bye,, muah muah..
walked t0 tuiti0n centre.. entered the class..
der're still n0 girls in that class..only a few b0ys..
s0,, i dawdled t0 mus0lla.. l0itered there 4 a few minute
2.40, entered the class again.. teacher had already been there..
n there's still n0 girl der except me.. all b0ys- g0sh2..
being 0nly a girl made me
uncomf0rtable n a bit crazy .. (a bit?)

2.45 pm..
yeass, ziela c0me in.. i breathe in relief.. f0ll0wed by hanis~
i'm in lalala..
only ten pe0ple in my class.. n i 'm happy wif that..
physics n chem classes r the best. w0w0..
then, my headache b0thered me again..
cann0t give fully c0ncentrate,, dush

then,sir nawi yelled my name ..

sir: "atikah? r u 0k?' d0 u understand it?
me: erk? * in sh0ck* n quickly n0dded

then, he explained the wh0le idea again..
alhamdulillah, i can understand it alth0ugh with that damned headache..
only a simple less0n t0day,, i supp0se..

on da way h0me, st0pped at mini market,, b0ught r0tii+susu [yummy!]
my headache g0t str0nger n str0nger. it's really painful..i felt s0 weary..
my eyes? it kept smarting just like i had a bad squint..

skipped my dinner n slept..

n t0day, i w0ke up at 6.30am (a bit late seyh,,haha).. overslept LOL..
as usual, my pineal gland pr0duces t0o much melat0nin.. n now, i'm writing this p0st..

g2g.. w0rk t0 do..


p/s: watched shin chan last night.. s0me scene're kinda ***..
n they r n0t g00d f0r children.. n me t0o..
FYI, i'm still <18..>

0hs,, i f0rg0t sumthim..
happy 51th anniversary malaysia!!
eagerly waiting for ramadhan mubarak..lalala


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