Friday, August 15, 2008


hepi 0liday t0 allbig hug~
huu.. n0t the real h0ls actually,,(study week?)
6.30 am, w0ke up. (bit late seyh) isk
prayed n t0ok my yummy-mummy breakfast,, huu
den, did s0me h0useh0ld ch0res (kube2 l0r)
washed cl0thes+scarfs!after dat, t00k my sh0wer..
9.30 am: d.0.N.e
lalala.. time 4 relaxing
listened t0 musics, em0 for 20 minutes! hax2

(mem0rize?) laZy! laZy!laZy!
["b0 bo la mls, nnti xd0p ore nk wat natu br tau" s0me0ne t0ld it lately]
so (?)
arrgh? tik bd0p mls? isk3

den, meng0pakan myself 4 a few minute.
0pened n read my bi0l0gy n0te 4 a minute, huh(!) wer's my textb0ok? dammit, i left it at sch0ol, 4g0t 2 bring it h0me! bi0l0gy? am i crazy or what? smu n bi0logy?
is it related?
ahh, nvm..

the max level 0f laziness have st0pped me 2 d0 anything!
huh (?) en0ugh!

then, my headache came back n started 2 disturb me.. argh, again! skipped my lunch! [npe rs nasik cam payau jerk?] started t0 feel a bit feverished..
2.30 am, headed 2 tuiti0n claSs..

1st peri0d is +math.. in a spur 0f m0ment, i started 2 sneeze n sneeze.
with runny n0se.. argh!! i g0t fever!
feeling unc0mfortable.. wanna back h0me!
2 h0urs left!chem n den, physics! [caring r cikgu hamzah!]
6.00 pm- at last~ H.O.M.E

erm,, s0me0ne tr0d 0n my f0ot! AUCH! just imagine; with 4" heels sh0e!erk!
my sis, mummy als0 g0t fever! huh..

mem0rize? exam? waaa,, h0pe i'll get well s0oN! k, needs sleep~


pS : nk lagu keluang man le.. sap0 ad0?
pSs : n ali din ug0pp?



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