Sunday, August 17, 2008

it happened this m0rning

6.00 am, i w0ke up..
huh,, i felt dizzy.
tried 2 get d0wn fr0m bed,
but cann0t.. everything's ab0ut t0 spin n shake ..
at first, i th0ught it was an earthquake.. isk3.. then, i turned 0ver my stappie.. uh, g0sh,, there're three stappie..

waited f0r ab0ut 15 minute,, n alhamdulillah.. s0,,i sl0wly walked 2 bathr0om .. then, perf0rmed my resp0nsiblity as ALLAH's servant; subuh prayer.. felt better!

after that, drunk tea.. juz tea.. i've l0st my appetite! plus, i felt want t0 v0mit.. huu.. then, t0ok sh0wer.. after that, 0nce again i felt giddy n dizzy,, s0, i decided t0 inf0rm it t0 my m0m. i st0od. in a split sec0nd, the r0om's spinning, everything went blank n i fell. i c0uld barely stand,

then, i grabbed a chair n tried t0 stand up.. huu..
"kakak, kakak!" called them f0r help..

huh,, n n0w, alhamdulillah, feeling better! ubat yg xsdap ug0p bjya dtelan!..
thats all..

exam?? d0p ngapa ag nie! aiy0y0..


" when i was f0urteen, i met s0me0ne.His name starts with ?. He's n0t a hands0me with gi0rgi0 Armani c0at 0r Mercedes-Benz CLK guy. But, he's the 0ne n 0nly, wh0 c0uld mesmerizes me t0 no extend. he's a great n simple man.we're friend f0r a year, then a tragedy struck!" haks~


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