Thursday, August 28, 2008

exam week!

hye every0ne. this week, i had 2 get thr0ugh a quite imp0rtant exam..
huh (?) 6 days left
i am very sad n depressed actually.. t0day, i sat 4 english paper. i can't answer it well..
especially f0r english 1119. i d0nt kn0w why. actually the questi0n r quite simple 0r with other w0rd: mud0s meset.. s0, what have i got to say for myself? ish(?)
my c0ntinu0s essay is s.u.c.k. there r t0o much language p0luti0n in my essays.. with n0 b0mbastic w0rds. huh!!i felt s0 embarassed.[[^^]]

FYI, i'm n0t writing this 2 make 0thers pity 0n me..
it's just a n0te f0r me t0 be remembered..

n alhamdulillah english paper2 r quite easy,, th0ugh
but i still made many mistakes! arrghhh!!

erm,, this m0rning, miSs nuReen uttered s0mething 2 me: tik ayu ari ni!haks
it is true,isn't?? h0nestly, she's the 0ne n the first wh0 said like that!
.. haha

d0nt y0u dare 2 d0 thiS..

ok,, till then~!!


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