Saturday, April 23, 2016

of writing

Hi there. I think I am done with those dramatic rubbish posts. I never had any intention of spreading negativity. I guess it was just one of the way to give myself therapy and perspective on what I have been through and how I've persevered.

Still, I am thinking to continue writing. I remember the old days when I had this one special notebook, I took down observation, ideas, new concepts, thing I overheard on the bus (how I commute to school), lines of poetry, inspirational quotes, beautiful pieces of art or music I saw or heard, my craziest and most desperate thoughts at my lowest and amazingly inspired reflections of the highest- literally everything.

now my notebook was full with patient hx :P

I should write more often, even one paragraph. Not for others, but for me, to see my own development as a muslim, a medical student, a woman, a daughter, a sister, a friend and the list is never ending. It is always an invaluable to remember who I really am and what I've capable of when circumstances make me forget.

beautiful isn' it?



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