Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Med School Journey

Hi. it's 12.15 AM now. I just had shower and dinner; haven't eat anything since yesterday except for one slice of bread and an overriped banana. A horrible day for me, I must say!

I was mistaken for an assignment's deadline, thoughts it will be a week away and I just realized it yesterday when my friend talked about it. That's it, alhamdulillah I just submitted it but it was a really messy work. Bad thing is I need it for my final submission for project in January next year. It seems I need to do a massive work to re-do it. Poor you Atikah!

Anyway, I have been feeling a bit of stressed recently. Not to the extent of depression but if I allow the feeling to succumb me, of course it would lead to depression. Remember I told that a lot of my friends failed med school and went home (AND TO PAY LIKE ALMOST HALF MILLION for breaking the scholarship contract)? A few of them suffered from depression.

It was that serious, you know!

I might share a few tips on how to avoid depression in medical school (not on basis of psychiatric management for more to personal experience; not saying I had depression before! Haha)

maybe tomorrow. I have to read journal on cerebral palsy now. Zzzz


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