Sunday, May 23, 2010

What if..

I've been asking a few seniors bout Medic Egypt and IB diploma programme and not to mention, reading from so many websites and forums bout those thingy. but still @.@

If I were to go to Egypt, I have to wait till Sept (nearly Oct, perhaps) for confirmation to fly there- means to have offer letter from Egypt university (preferable Cairo or Alex), SSLN and other important documents. Before that, joining Arabic class(especially Bahasa Arab 'ammi) is profoundly advisable for me and of course, I have to seek it by myself. But, what if I dont get the offer letter? There's a slight possibility not getting it, even I've called KPT and they said there's no guarantee but there's high chance.

Still, I'm very worried =.=

"But, what if I don't get the offer letter?"


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