Tuesday, June 24, 2008


hell0 n hell0
i'm back again,, huu
it seems alm0st everyday i update my bl0g,,
n i think it has became my daily r0utine,, hoho
s0methin' had happened
a few marker pens in 0ur class were st0le by t0yol ,,i supp0se

our class detectives n0w r busyin' investigate this case,, haks
n secretary 0f our class 's
arrested 0n suspici0n 0f stealling,,
mayb 4 tw0 days,, hak3
h0wever,, she [[fiq] denied the suspici0n,, =p
(sry my fren)
i'll hire a lawyer f0r y0u then,,hik3
n n0w there' re only tw0 marker pens,
the burukk 0nes
and 0f c0urse cann0t functi0nin' well
actually,, it was my fault
n0t keepin' them safe
n 0ur mydin-pr0duct vase als0 br0ke d0wn,,
huh,, h0w can these happened at 0ne time
s0,, if u think u're kind, gener0us 0r s0mething n feel s0rry t0 us,,
als0 want 2 help us,,
i want 2 let u kn0w that u're always welc0med,, hik3
n bef0re g0ing h0me
i b0ught ''quest'',,
1st time in this year,, i supp0se
the articles in it mayb useful f0r me in est n english as well,, th0ugh
h0wever reader digest is better,,
but s0metimes the t0pics 're sheer awful b0red
n surely,, it's easier than searchin' at g0ogle
huh,, nvm
erm,, als0
i want 2 admit s0methin'
guess what??
i'm n0t talkin' about big, earth shattering secret.
n0t the- president-is-planning-t0-bomb-japan-and-only-Will-Smith-can-save-the world type secret
[[ sentence fr0m a b0ok]]
i have n0 idea what ''Uncle Sam" stand for and even what is it??
i th0ught it was just a name
0r mayb a character in 'b0b the builder'
n at last i f0und it in cambridge dic :
the United States of America, or its government, sometimes represented, especially in political cartoons, by an image of a tall thin man with a white beard and a tall hat
n als0,, i didn't really understand bout big bang
i only knew that it's a the0ry f0r the ev0luti0n of 0ur universe,,and kind 0f
huh,, am i a fr0g in c0c0nut shell ?? haks
really2 xp0kks
ok,, dats all

l0ts 0f grammatical err0r~!!


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