Sunday, March 13, 2016


I splurge for skincare. I love buying them be it from drugstore skincare to high end brands. Do you have that kind of addiction too? I have collection of various brands and my top buying list will be lip balm and moisturisers. Why? Because I have a very 'complicated' chapped lips and also dry sensitive skin.  I envied those who do not have any problem with those. It's really annoying, you know. 

I'm initially not really fancy of having those 6-steps-or-8-steps or-whatever-number you wanna-put skincare routine. Yes I am that lazy. But as I'm growing up, I noticed I have lots of visible scars, blemishes, enlarged pores T.T When I go out with friends, I'm the only girl (or should I out woman) with that kind of appearance.  Most of my friends take collagen drinks but I prefer to go natural. 

So I start using natural oils ie argan oil, olive oil yadda yadda and those organic and natural stuff. Cleansing oil, facial foam, toner, serum, moisturiser daily while scrub and mask at least once a week. To own beautiful skin, one have to really take care and pamper it consistently, which is totally my weakness. I'm not that consistent T.T

This explains those blemishes now. Hahaha. 


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