Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Second Week

So today  I started my second week of Block 1. Things were a lil bit disorganized at first as my handphone suddenly broke down last night. My partner texted and called me a few times and I can tell he was very annoyed. Luckily, one of my housemates has an extra mobile phone. Problem settled, at least for a while.
There is nothing much today in the hospital as the teams (the consultant, registrar, SHO and intern) were not in the hospital. They were in other hospital. Well, thats the difference between Malaysia and here. Doctors here work in a few hospitals. (as far as I know) Anyway, my partner and I then decided to go to library and we go through some case example of rheumatology and later we presented to each other. Here you go, ankylosing spondylitis, rhematoid arthritis and psoriasis. I saw a few patients with those diseases last week in the clinic and tried to relate with the case studies. Later, we went for tutorial and take history of patient in A & E.

There is nothing much today but I feel relieved. Less stress. (selalu rasa bodoh kat hospital) Hahaha

After that, we headed to Brookfield for lecture. I am so fascinated with the lecture today on Patient Safety . A few quotes and take home message:

You need knowledge, you need skills, but You also need compassion

Acknowledge error and allow learning to occur

To err is human, to cover up is unforgivable but to fail to learn is inexcusable

Ok thats all for now.


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