Tuesday, September 9, 2014


When I was walking home from class today, my thoughts is on this dusty blog. I suppose it might be a good idea if I write about my journey in medical school. At least, there is a place for me to pour my emotion into. Haha. We'll see for how long I manage to really update it.

Hurm. moving on..

I am currently on my 3rd year and this means I am starting the clinical year. This doesn't mean I would spend the whole day at the hospital. I still have classes/ clinical skill lab/tutorials to attend. I am still adapting with the new environment/ the new way of learning. I (still) find it really really tiring especially when I have to go to hospital in the morning and then rush to class, which is a bit far. My greatest achievement was that I walk 5 to 6km one way.

First week.

I am attached to Medicine or specifically, Rheumatology department. At first, I was actually hoping for respi or cardio, but anyway, it doesnt happend. Haha. The intern, SHO, registrar and the consultant are really helpful and SCARYYY. I mean, they asked lots of questions and I simply cannot answer T.T Those thing in 1st and 2nd year were washed away, I guess. Urrrgh. I feel useless at some point. Besides, I am still having trouble with the language. T.T I have been here for 2 years and I know, it should not have happened. But it did! The hospital setting are different and I guess I need to adapt and do my best.

Hoping the best for the second week. Till then.


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