Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Cup of Tea

For tea-lovers, sipping tea is a blast. It calms one's mind and body. Same goes to Iman, it calms.

No one will know the sweetness of the tea except those who drink it. Same goes to Iman, Halawatul iman can only be felt for those who embraced  it.

Tea can be a venom for those who're having constipation but a healing for people with diarrhea. Same goes to iman, jahiliyyah, taghut, etc can be the venom.

Who ever thoughts that a mere green leave can produce this delicious yet invigorating drink. Same with Iman & Islam, we humans can be no one, but with them, we are somebody. Not because we're great but Islam is the greatest.

To enhance the taste of tea, we put sugar and milk into the tea. Same goes to Iman, it should be enhanced with knowledge and understanding, etc too.

p/s: It's just my own comparisons, which might be wrong. 


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