Wednesday, August 22, 2012



We make decisions everyday, from mundane ones to life-changing decisions. Before going to class, I would take a minute or two to decide which clothes, which colour to be donned. That's a simple decision-making. But what about the life-changing decision-making?

I usually would make a table, listing the pros and cons, when it comes to an important matter. However, I found myself choosing the ones with loads of cons (based on the past events). I don't know why. Weird.

I hope the decision I made is the right one. The one that is the best for me. :)

Thanks 'you know who you are' for these;

"Ask yourself whether 'this' is a decision that you would be able to live with, even if things do not work as planned."

"Tgok kat mana Allah permudahkan ye tikah
kdg2 kita tutup our heart utk tgok jalan lain
Allah tutup satu jalan
tp bukak jalan lain
maybe kita xtgok jalan yg dibukak
sbb kita nampak jalan yg kita nak je."

Best wishes,


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