Saturday, February 18, 2012


Howdy dear earthlings! I hope everyone have a blast! After some time not writing here, I'm just thinking to express and rumble my fleeting thoughts.

This week has been a real messy for me.

1. I have fever. I spent (read: rested) most of my time with sleeping =.= I skipped class on Monday and on Friday, I returned hostel after taking Math quiz & Chem test. It's just like everything's shut down.


2. Last two weeks, IUMC (for ireland-bound students) result was out. Most of my friends got the conditional offers. Last sunday, Cardiff Uni started making offers. As far as I knew, 4 kmb-ians got the offers and they(Cardiff Uni) said the process will not complete until early March. And yesterday, Leicester Uni was giving out their offers.

3. 2 more months to go before IB Exam and I don't have mood to start studying.

Last but not least, the fever and a bit emotionally distress makes me sick even more. At the same time, I cried to the fact that I'm worrying about the dunya, which I'm not supposed to. Forgive me O'Allah.


cardio_72 said...

mood? i didn't have it too. up until ystrday, when i sent one of my frens 2 ausie. it was. like. really inspiring. n i started 2 hve some mood. mybe u should too. i mean. sent smeone fly. haha~ just a sggstion tho.

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