Monday, January 23, 2012


Kahwin? Marriage? Matrimony? Nuptial?

I feel like people around me keep talking about that. This includes in Facebook. But don't worry, I'm not gonna talk about this.  I am not even 20 and I don't think I should. Not now. Future? Emmm, who knows? :D Talking about this, I would say it's human nature to love and to be loved. I am not an exception too. I always remind myself not to involve in this. "Atikah, kata nak cari cinta Allah. so jangan la crush kat orang lain ya" Teehee.  I know it sounds funny. So, please, don't giggle!

On a different note,  I went for an outing to MidValley yesterday, just to spend the BB1M - 1 Malaysia Book Voucher. Bought 3 books for RM100. I used to read lots of romance books (Both English and Malay version) but due to some personal reasons, I promised myself not to buy those books anymore. Worse, since I'm bounded to the promise, I ended up borrowing romance novels from my friends. =.- Believe it or not, I've read not one, but three novels in this weekend. So now, I promised  not to buy or read any kind of this book. Changing the book genre that we used to read is hard, but I know it's worth every effort. InshaAllah. Seerah is one of my wishlist :)

I might not able to read those books now, but InshaAllah, I will find appropriate time to enjoy these :) 

Non of those books are academics books. Well, IB books are not easily available in bookstores. Furthermore, I do think my reference books are just enough.


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Cool book choices, hope you enjoy them :) Hope you like that we featured your book choices on our blog here:

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