Sunday, November 27, 2011

Eh Eh Nothing Else I Can Say

from +lyn

I’ve been intending to update my blog since the past few days, but I guess there were things to get done with and it was like no matter how much I fathomed on what to blog on, I still couldn’t get my fingers to type and blog about it. Yeah that’s what I meant when I said I’ve lost the blogging mojo. As I usually write sth after every exam I've had and, for not wanting so called 'break the norm, Ta-Daa! here is the post. Tehee. OK, I know this sounds soooo rubbish.

Today was a good day after all. Minus the part where my feet hurt due to the wedge I wore, and I have to buy a pair of new flat. Not forgotten, minus the part where, I didn't do anything productive works since this morning. That worries me a lot. All can I say, It was a decent day after all. Anyway, downpour showers Banting today. When I arrived Putrajaya (from my cousin's house in KL), it was still drizzling but continued raining cats n dogs all the way back to my college. Thanks to the bus driver, who willingly dropped me in front of college's gate, so that I don't need to struggle with the wind, obscuring my face with my handbag nor jumping and running around like I am being chased by blood-sucking vampires. (I don't mind if he's Edward :P) Not to mention, to guards, who were thoughtfully offering me an umbrella. Most importantly, Thanks to Almighty Allah for bringing senses to those kind-hearted people and letting them to help me out. Jazakummullah khoiran kathira- May He reward them with their kindness. I felt blessed and grateful ! Sweet kan Allah? So now, I am currently enjoying every spoonful of carrot cake with cheese frosting in my room. (on my bed to be precise) Oh, how delicious! Thanks Allah for this. Will try do bake it when I am at home. Can't wait~

On a different note, during this holiday, I'm actually bound to a 'SELF-INTERVENTION PROGRAMME.' It is one of the teachers' initiatives so that the students do not treat holidays as 'holidays' but as only 'days without classes'. I still remember what Ms. Loh had said last Friday, "We (the lectures)have try with our best for all of you, but if you don't want to appreciate it, so that's it." That's soo true. On reflection, who am I without them, the teachers? Despite juggling between family, house chores, they still find their time to study before teaching, marking our exercises and exam papers. Apart from respecting them, giving them "SEVEN" (for IB) is a must as a way to express mythanks, appreciation and gratitude. and yet, I failed to do it for all of them soo many time!

To quote my former English B teacher,

"You're lucky as you're still a student. You don't need to think and worry about money, food, your husband, nor your children. You just need to study. Isn't hard, is it?"

InsyaAllah, I'll try my best for the IB exam May 2012. I am hoping to fully utilize my time as I pledge on the self-intervention form. Dear readers, do remind me if you happen to see me keep idling in any social sites, be it fb, twitter, tumblr and blogger as well. Your cooperation is highly appreciated.

Anyway, I will be attending Biro Tata Negara (BTN) starting from tomorrow till this Friday. Notice the days, guys- it's FIVE days. To be honest, I am scared! Why? Ponder upon yourself.

Last and not least,

Allahumma najjih ATIKAH HASSAN fil IB Exam, fi dunya wa fil akhirah.
Thanks for the prayers, people :)

So I guess that's all for now.

Till then. Hugs.

p/s: the post title doesn't related with Lady Gaga's song.


Aisyah Mzain said...

Good luck Atikah. May Allah make thing easy for you. pray for your success!

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