Monday, March 15, 2010

One Worry : A Big Decision

It is really tough for me to choose either JPA or MARA. And also Middle East or Non Middle East.
I had been asking lots of people about this; the pros and cons. I still remember a brother at Karnival Pengajian Tinggi (KPT) said about JPA, like I really have to choose it. Idk. Idk. The seniors also quite helpful actually, so happy :)) After very long and deep thinking, finally, I come up with a decision. Hopefully, it is the best for me. Huu

For UPU, I haven't update it. I'm still having problems in filling the co-cu marks. Hoho. For the university, UIA- Asasi Perubatan is my 1st choice. Why UIA? 4 semesters. Huhhu. UM- Asasi Sc Hayat only takes 2 semesters. Idk. Idk.

Matric. Hoho.

Another scholarship? I just don't know. There're so many available for engineering especially.

I hate my "idk."


Anonymous said...

idk tuh gapo?

AtikAh said...

idk tu "i don't know"
ringkas sgt. :))

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