Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Just pictures

I just realized that there are lots of unpublished post. I just write it halfway and did not have mood to continue it. Hehe. Trip to Ipoh; just finished Day 1. Innorace: just finished "before the race." Huh. So, I just want to show a few photos bout my recent activities. Well, pictures do tell everything, right?

Cert. Ceremony Rehearsal
Grand Riverview Hotel
30th March 2010

ahha :))

Larian Inovasi Peringkat Wilayah Timur
Jeli, Kelantan
20 March 2010

Ain & Afiqah

The participants

Trip to Ipoh (Hani's house)
17,18 March 2010

kanak- kanak tua?

at the park. met Amir here- a "special" little boy

with Hani's mom and lil sis


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