Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Final Med UCC

I still can't believe it. Time flies so fast. I'm in my final lap now before starting working as an intern(houseman/doctor). This is my second week since the new academic year began. I decide to blog every week (probably every Tuesday) for now. But we'll see how things going.

Besides my academic thingy, I am so determined to live healthier, especially in term of eating. It is such a huge transition for me especially when I live with my malay friends, as we took turn cooking. I withdraw myself from the duty and start preparing my own meals. I cannot say I'm succeed in this because I'm still trying. It's really challenging, I must say, especially when seeing your friends eating nasi lemak (lots o fat in the rice and the sambal uses lots of oils). FYI: Nasi lemak is my favourite food. I gotta cook them with less oils one day :D

So, what do I eat? Oats porridge every morning, brown rice/noodles only once/twice in a week, fishes as source of protein, no chicken legs, no MSG, no kicap habhal kipas udang lol (soysauce),all fresh food, leafy salads for lunch, no fried foods, only extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil used in cooking. Basically, fruits and vege are my main food.

No, I don't obsessed to be skinny. I just want to be healthier.

Hurm, a down side? it is freaking expensive. I bought my own food and I am still paying 'duit rumah' though, but it is ok I don't mind that. I'm still trying here and there saving money. Fishes are so expensive here. a small fish costs you 5 euro. (which equals to 9 chicken legs). dah boleh 10 kali makan kot zzzz. I'll be positive about that. wink!

I'm starting slowly, I cheat once in a while to eat my favourite kuih. Wish me luck guys



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