Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What's UP

The thoughts of updating this blog came to my mind when I was answering exam paper this morning. Haha. I guess, plethora of random thoughts comes to our minds when we can't think of the answer. T.T It was 3 hours paper anyway.

So, since this is my second post of this year, surely I have lots to be blogged on, I mean, lots of events and stories I wanna share here. I've had a ? week for the past few weeks. I can't find a suitable word to put it there, but basically, it was an exam week. Since I enrol medical school, exam is a huge event for me.. and I suppose for the most of us too. During exam period, I start to have mixed feeling.. the feeling of homesick, the feeling of nak kawen.. the feeling of mengantuk all day..the feeling of nak makan pelik2.. you name it.. Sigh.

Alhamdulillah, I just finished my last paper this morning, but surprisingly the feeling of nak kawen is still there. OK, I need help! Hahaha (joke OK). Whenever we finished our exam, most of us would head to town to celebrate the end of exam with good food and some shopping. On the contrary, I cycled straight home after the exam; ate yesterday's dinner, cleaned up my room, arranged books and notes, took a long bath and now, I feel like.. I need work to do! Haha. Probably I need to do lots of self reflection and evaluation. Reflecting on this year curricular, there are lots of aspects that I need to improve; in term of clinical skills, communication, confidence and the utmost important, the basic knowledge.

Moving on,

A few news regarding overseas students goes viral recently. Firstly, the tweet of local student, which has caused a debatable issue.

Some overseas students tend to be reactive when seeing this and some just prefer to be silent. I prefer to reflect or muhasabah everything behind it. It has been 3 years since I started studying abroad and this kind of issue, is somehow good for me to reflect myself. I wont be commenting too much of this. But, one of the reasons is we, the overseas students (majority) posted photos we travelling here and there, photos the food we ate in social media, be it facebook, instagram or twitter. Everything seems perfect and bed of roses in the pictures. How about the reality then? Hurm. I suppose, we wont be 'saying' these and those to people if we are grateful with all the ni'mah we have.

Next is about the paedo, which is a big issue and involve our country's name. My friend in Notts wrote about this in his blog and I really suggest you guys to have a look. A good read guys! Hit click button guys --->  link.

I think thats all for now. I need to start planning my summer break now; My summer vacation, hospital attachment, ramadhan aims and bonding time with family. Till then.


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