Friday, December 6, 2013

The Voyage

Imam Shafiie once said,

Leave your country in search of loftinessAnd travel! For in travel there are five benefits,Relief of adversity and earning of livelihoodAnd knowledge and etiquettes and noble companionship

Travelling. I bet loads of people love travelling. Why not, as by travelling we get chances to see new yet amazing places, met different people, embrace new culture and gain new experiences altogether. Travelling is not about " I was here" or having pages of immigration stamps on our passport but it is more than that. So, it is important to reset our intention before starting our journey, not just for shopping, showing off to people, or being envied by other people.

Yes, we can shop, we can updates the facebook status, upload photos but it is such a waste if we limit to these only. So dear friends, lets renew our intention and happy travelling. 

Wish you a happy yet fulfilling winter break. Say bismillah lets start our winter break.

p/s: InshaAllah, will start writing travellogue after this


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