Sunday, September 15, 2013

No Title

At this moment, I couldn't really describe my feeling. It is a mixture of excited, anticipated and I believe it is largely dominated by the feeling of fear and nervousness. InshaAllah I will start my second year in just two days time. I realized my mistake on my first year thus hoping I'll learn the lesson. May Allah ease the journey of my second year until final year. Ameen.

On the other note, the new batch (the juniors) had just arrived and we here are trying our best to welcome them. This reminds me on the first day I came here. Oh the seniors are so nice. and Yes, I'm trying to be like them too. InshaAllah

So I think thats all for now as I need to make a plan in preparing my days ahead here.



Anonymous said...

Gud luck ikah! May the force be with you :)

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