Sunday, November 4, 2012

Oh my!

Lesson of the week:


I accidentally deleted a Picasa folder in my google acount, which contains this blog's pictures, background and layout stuff. Too bad I don't have a back up. So now, my blog is full with "no entry sign" -.-'

I accidentally formatted my lappy. "Accidentally? Like how?"- I know this will be your first reaction. But seriously this was sooo heart-breaking as I lost all my personal data, original software and application.

A friend of mine said this to me: "Start a new life, Atikah"

and yes, I have to. (It really sounds like a big problem over there. Hehe)

When this thing happened, I was wondering that even though I felt sad but, I still have another chance (for this case: re-install everything, and ask for the e-books and lectures notes copies from friends) But if we deleted Allah and Islam in our life in this dunya, we certainly will not have any other chance in the hereafter. and that is it. the most regretful person, we will be. Nauzubillah.

Then is he who will shield with his face the worst of the punishment on the Day of Resurrection [like one secure from it]? And it will be said to the wrongdoers, "Taste what you used to earn." Those before them denied, and punishment came upon them from where they did not perceive. So Allah made them taste disgrace in worldly life. But the punishment of the Hereafter is greater, if they only knew.And We have certainly presented for the people in this Qur'an from every [kind of] example - that they might remember.


Hurm, so take it or leave it. May He guide us all.

P/S: I'll be sitting for my first exam next week. Dush. May He ease. Doakan people!


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