Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today, I re-read my previous posts in this blog. It somehow make me smile and I can say that, I miss all those memories. Recently, I enjoy blogwalking instead of writing my own blog. See my recent posts; they’re all only short updates or articles that I copied from another website. People say, ones will do anything for his/her passion. And yes, I admit that blogging is my passion. So, what’s my say for this? Or am I too busy to ignore this blog? I lie if I say I’m not busy at all, especially in this third semester as an IB student with all the assignments to be handed in this semester.

All in the heavens and the earth entreat Him for their needs; a new, mighty task engages Him each day. Which of your Lord's laudable attributes will you twain then deny?
So, how come I claim myself busy if He is far busier than me?
I went back to Kelantan last week, and it’s for five days (I got an extra day compared to other students). This week has been a hard time for me. Well, you know, I left kmb with those unfinished homework and I have to submit them all this week. It was horrible.Even though I’ve tonnes of homework and assignments to be finished, I still indulge myself with sleep. Sometimes, I hate myself for that. I have this so called ‘problem’ since I was in Form 3. Say, if I sleep 5 hours per day, it means that, in a year I sleep for 1825 hours, which equivalent to 74 days. So now, you can just imagine the number of hours I spend, curled up on my comfy beds in this 19 years. (need a GDC to calculate this) It is actually in the state of mind. So, one of my ramadhan intentions- less sleep.

I hope for the best in this ramadhan kareem. insyaAllah. Anyway, I have something to share with you guys; How to achieve tranquility of the heart

P/S: Eventhough i love to sleep, but I hate sleeping in the morning


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