Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Semai Bakti Nusantara (SEBAK), Naggroe Acheh

As promised before,

Guidance & Counselling Club(GNCC) presents SEBAK'11 :)
Pictures tell everything, right?

6 June 2011 | 1st Day:

Visited Banda Acheh

before departure


had our lunch here. seriously it's delicious~

the famous sosro teh botol

the menu.
ayam lepaaas, ayam lemaas, just to name a few..

I thought it's a mall at first. xD

replica of the museum

baiturrahim mosque- saved from tsunami

Baiturrahman mosque-
It was indeed a great feeling to be here

7 - 9 June 2011

7 June 2011 | 2nd day:
Pesantren/ Rumah Anak Yatim Ar-Raudah, Lokseumawe

Gotong royong at a nearby mosque
Opening ceremony
English programme to the orphans

Pesantren Anak Yatim Ar-raudah

Masjid Taqwa Cot Baloi, Lokseumawe

the cleaning team

english module- cartoon strips

english module

8 June 2011 | 3rd day:

Strolled around Kota Lokseumawe
Games at beach
Motivational talk

rode labi-labi for the first time.

having fun :)

with the orphan girls

9 June 2011 | 4th day:

Bond of Ukhuwwah (BOU)
Cultural Night, Closing ceremony

playing with mud in paddy field

I fell from this hut ><

10 June 2011 | 5th Day : Medan

Visited Universiti Sumatera Utara (USU)
Departed to KLIA

faculty of medicine

with one of the Malaysian students there

it's awesome :)

strolled around the USU

Alhamdulillah, another wonderful experiences I gained on this holidays. Thanks to the people involved.


izxfar said...

wow.. amazing!!! KMB mmg slalu buat humanitarian project kat Ovs? Lepas nie boleh join trip to GAZA plak...

AtikAh said...

it depends on students. kalau rajin, organize la ape2 project.

izxfar said...

KMBians are very lucky to get the budget (money)from KMB to organize an event... At my college, money is the problem,,, plus we just dikonsider menumpang kat tempat nie...
Nway, keep it up with others project...

AtikAh said...

hello.. 4 this programme, college didnt give us any single cent. we've to raise fund by our own

izxfar said...

ooo... looks like all of you done a great job to organize that project... RM 10330.00, is quite a big amount to collect... feel proud when of the donator was "warga Kelantan"...

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