Sunday, April 17, 2011

of updates

moon of the night

Batch Programme
Basically it's a teambuilding programme. It's good to unite us as a batch; 'the batch'- anyway, that's our batch name. Most of our faces were sunburned due to that.

Pabila Larut Malam- Farewell Party of BLOK E.
It was the best night I've ever had in KMB. The food was scrumptious, the performances were great. Everybody wore flattering dresses according the theme. Laying on the mat while looking at the sky was calming. We enjoyed so much fun on that night. Not much photo could be upload since that's a 'girl' party.

I performed on that night, together with IPs. Teehee.

room full with balloons

Revelation day:
It was the day, which we would meet with our pen pals after 6 weeks exchanging letters. It was actually organised by English Unit where we have to write letter to anonymous. I'm pretty nervous for the day. But hey, don't get me wrong, it is normal to nervous as I'm gonna meet my anonymous pen pal. Teehee. Frankly speaking, I enjoyed writing letters. I was hoping that there'll no revelation day so that we can always exchange letters :) Those letters really made my days, i mean, reading letters after having a rough day. It was definitely fun. One the negative side, some might consider this 's a match- making service. =.= Anyway, my pen pal is a nice buddy :)

p/s: i guess this'll be the last post before i finish my exam. Wish me luck, people. Pray for me.


wabit.ent said...

revelation's day??? very nostalgic..

Braintasticguy said...

Do you know Nazrin at IB?

AtikAh said...

@wabit.ent?? : nostalgic? what did u mean?

braintasticguy: which nazrin? there're a few

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