Saturday, February 19, 2011

Be You Be Beautiful

What's beauty to you ?

Is it having an oval shape face with a pair of sparking lustrous hazel eyes and a perfect body figurewith fair and flawless skin?

or perhaps, beautiful is when..

Vera Wang taffeta satin dress clung on your body, Gucci clutch in your hand and Prada stilettoes fit perfectly to your feet.

Nowadays, we could see how women insecure about their appearance. Some are so obsessed in persuit of having the perfect body; taller and thinner, and younger looking skin. This actually because of the drive of being loved and envied by others by their impeccable yet eye-catching appearance. For this reasons, women are becoming more and more engrossed with the prospect of beauty.

We define beauty in various aspects as it is too subjective; skinny is beautiful, a flat belly is beautiful, wearing sexy cloth is beautiful, straight nose is beautiful, fair skin is beautiful. As a result, women will their hardest to fulfill all the criteria of being beauty including splurging on various beauty products and some of them also engaged themselves in diets built of unhealthy methods.And that’s how botox and plastic surgery come. Don't you think women actually endure a lot of stress and pain just for their own superficial beauty? When you bought a cloth, you have to get a bag and a pair shoes to match with the cloth. But, that’s how it works to a lot of women nowadays. There's too many things in demand, just to look awesome. And yes, I’m not exception.

The question here is why people are so obsessed in this thing? In my opinions, we women become more demanding in our appearances as the society (generally) scrutinized our way of life, and the way we dressed and present ourselves to the public eyes. If any of us aren't trying our best to become a so-called 'fashionista' like the world wants us to, we're basically an outcast. Or at least that's what some of us feels.

As a typical girl, I also one of the people out there, who is fancy and has a mad crush on prettiness and anything related to fashion. (FYI, I always like simpleness as they just look fresh and timeless.) The only difference is that, I'm not one who has collections of trendiest dresses, scarves, bags, shoes, etc. Still, I am putting of having "an envious wardrobe" into my wishlist. Teehee.

In my free time, I like to browse blogs, look-books and websites to see how people mix and match their pieces, and there's only a word that comes out from my mouth, "Kawaii!" Nowadays, there are also lots of websites selling hijab, abayas and such, which show that the muslim fashion phenomenon has also bloomed and I'm pretty sure that it keeps mushrooming across the globe from day to day. Though preserving the modesty, the designs still look elegant and fashionable. Still, it disappoints me that most of pieces are not fully aurat-covered.

Talking about this, I lie if I don't want to be beautiful too :P As for me, I do think that it's not an erroneous to feel that we are pretty, sometimes. Don't you think so? It actually could boost our confidence level :) I once heard that, It is not that we cannot be beautiful, but feel the beauty to ourself. You yourself are beautiful. Wanna know why? Because we are Allah’s best creation with the give of ‘akal. And the most important thing, Allah looks not at how you look, but what’s in your heart. Iman and taqwa is the only things that make us different. Truthfully speaking, I'm not the one who have all the criteria mentioned above but still I'm thankful of being myself right now. And I hope you too be grateful. To Allah we praise, Alhamdulillah. I knew we women sometimes are so envious with the other women who are naturally beautiful. But who knows, if let say Allah bestowed us with the beauty, we'll be conceited of ourselves and neglect our duty as a muslim. God knows the best for us :)

What's the point of this post actually? =.= Last week, we, classmates talked about beauty and body image during our English lesson. Perhaps, that's the mere reason. Moreover, my blog was so dusty and hopefully this post will sweep away the dust. Hee..

Found all these here; by zleqha :)

the design is so simple yet so eye-catchy.

Wear them with scarf that could cover our chest, and it'll looook stunning on YOU! insyaALLAH.

Last but not least,
"If perfect is what you're searching for, then just stay the same.
so don't even bother asking, If you look okay, you know I say
When I see your face, there's not a thing that I would change
Cause you're amazing, just the way you are"
-Bruno Mars-

* sing it for me, please :P *

Till then people. Love :)

p/s: omg! lagho


miss nureen said...

i wanna be beautiful too..

ani said...

ak kenne ko baju yo! eheee

Unknown said...

and, beauty is in the eye of the beholder

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