Saturday, January 15, 2011

A start

Say HI!

New semester has started for a week already. I've already got the result for Semester 1 exam. Since 130++ students scored 36 and above, I would say that my result was just so-so. Err, I take that back, It was bad actually.

Let's aim higher for this sem shall we? God Willing.

This semester, there will be

more assignments

more presentations

more activities

more responsibilities..

and of course

the level is higher..

but no matter what,

I have to score well

it's for PLACEMENT..

Anyway, I still don't have any idea about EE and World Lite topics. =.=

bestow upon me divine inspirations, Ya Allah!


I sign up for Arabic tutor programme. At first, I doubted whether is that a really good idea for me. I afraid that I cannot manage my time well. (Blame IB for this, teehee) But then, it's a waste of learning Arabic for almost 5 years, and at the end, I forget everything. Hopefully, I 'll be a good tutor and could help others to learn this lughatil Quran. (Language of Quran) -even I know my Arabic isn't very good.-

This evening, this one guy asked us (tutors-to-be) to answer a few Qs to test our language proficiency. At first, I was like, "what the..?" Later, I found that it was quite beneficial for us. It 's actually just a basic Arabic. Still, I couldn't answer it well. I need to study more on Mudhof-mudhofun ilaih. =.=

or maybe, I just should join the class.

#The books are in dire need to be read. But, I gotta finish Warisan assignment first. -I couldnt understand why I have to learn this?-

Till then :)


AxL Farhan said...

For knowledge and understanding, that's why we learn, so that you know your own history and learn from it. Warisan is not a waste, it's worth the while to just actually try to embrace it.

Afiq Khalid said...

gud lurk 4 the arabic class! isac punyer big project, harap brjaya...:D

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