Thursday, January 7, 2010


1st assignment: song in education (SIE)

I'm in group 5 , together with 6 other members. We got "The Climb" song from Miley Cyrus. Pretty lucky, i guess. Well, it's just a common song. Erm, I'm improved
(i think) from my deathly illness; parkinson. Thanks God! But, I'm still didn't talk much, still quiet as before. Uh, Keep the faith, baby. I got to be strong!

GO!GO! Caiyo0k!

The stairs group

Erm, I knew my presentati0n is bad. I'm lacking of self- confidence. I'll try my best next time. Do supp0rt me, friends! Thanks to my fellow friends, who did helped me a lot.

psst: ari ni duk umah sehari sntuk. bley blaja masop. da dpt selera balik da.hee
psst: kering +pokai


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