Sunday, July 20, 2008

st0p it k~!!

'ayang' came 2 sch0ol,,
suprise 2 see y0u,,
OMg, y0u've changed a l0t cee,, (?)huu

n b0ut english oral;
t0gether with adnin, munirah, elyana, bibah n aisyah
we'll perf0rm it t0morr0w,, i supp0se
i hate 2 be l0isel,,
r0mantic, caring hubby?
"atikah,, u sh0uldn't act like this,, try 2 be m0re r0mantic"
thumbs down
u're n0t really acting but u're reading the scripts
i hate th0se things,,
i've 2 persuade my "wife' (?) can u imagine?? arkk!

b0ut the things
i'm t0tally b0red n "arkkk"
at wits' end with this (huh!)
i didnt chat wif b0ys; didnt message; didnt talk.. (s0?)
xcept the b0ys fr0m india, zimbabwe n p0rtugal
why y0u're telling s0mething that i didn't d0!
pliz st0p it k!!
keep thinking; what sh0uld i d0 2 shut their m0uth?? (nvm~)

next week,,insyaALLAH
i'll use a new num; lalala
batting eyelashes
ok thats all

'lame da x bka ym; rindu same kam0 ym'


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